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This should cure some bordem...


Paul-like, Albums, Wings, etc.:

01.   02.   03.

04.   05.   06.

07.   08.   09.

Paul & Linda:

10.   11.

Misc. Beatley Things:

12.   13.   14.

15.   16.    


17.   18.   19.

20.   21.
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Lovely icons! 9,11,14, and 21 rock my socks. btw, Band on the Run SO pwns. ;)
I'm jealous of Paul's piano wall in 20! Too cool.
thanks! yeah, it reminds me of the oversized piano keys on the floor in the movie "big". which i always wanted.

LOFFLY!! :D <33333
ok...you will understand me. how great is that "clap, clap, clap, *sigh*" part of that song? pure genius people!

OH EM GEE, YES!!! i was listening in the car (my mom was whining about the song, though :O!!!!), and I DID THE CLAPS!!! :O!!!!!! win for greta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:::loves more:::

haha...i hit the steering wheel...and I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE DO THAT! but...for paulie and his extreme cuteness level...i will tap that wheel. oh yes.

goodnight dear!
i love these! i especially love 5, 8, 9, 12 and 17. ^-^
thanks! :D
taking 13,14 and 21! these are wonderful! thanks!
is 13 John? or Georgie?
13 is John. glad you like them! :D
ok thats what I thought but I wasn't totally sure! =)
Oh man, just as I'm listening to Back in the US... Will you be doing icons of Driving Rain, too? :3 After this, I'm going to check all the previous entries to get caught up :D
yeah...i was gonna try to do most of Paul's solo albums...so i'll remember to do that next time.

Whee :D

Deleted comment

took #16;will credit